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Home Theater PC Forum

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This community focuses on building, buying or modifying a home theater PC (HTPC).

An HTPC is a Tivo-like piece of equipment built on top of a normal computer platform running Windows or Linux. It can do such things as personal video recording and timeshifting (pausing live TV, for example), browsing and playing media files (music, videos, pictures), playing DVDs, and downloading full movies to be watched at your leisure. But since it's built on a computer, the options are more or less endless.

This forum will address both home-built custom PCs and those you can purchase from Dell, Gateway, and others, as well as modifying Tivo and ReplayTV boxes. To get things going, I will be writing about my current HTPC build project as well as posting various useful references and other forums I've found on the web and elsewhere.

Membership is open. If you have any suggestions about how this community is run or what it's content should be, let me know.

- notbob