Batshua (batshua) wrote in htpc,

Which version of Windows do I need?

Backstory: I'm contemplating building my own PVR and I'm doing sort of part-scouting and research at present. I have not yet purchased anything, so my PVR is only an idea at present.

I'm wondering which version of Windows is least wrong for my needs.

So here's what it's gonna do:

Run WITHIN VirtualBox. (I prefer a Linux distro for my primary OS on this potential PVR.)
Run Silverlight for Netflix Watch Instantly within Firefox because Moonlight doesn't do it. (This is my primary reason for "needing" Windows at all.)
Run iTunes - not necessary, but nice.
Run Safari - also not necessary, but nice.
Run VirtualBox in worst case scenario. (If something were to go wrong with my Linux install, I want to be able to run Linux in VirtualBox to play with until I can figure out what's wrong and fix it.)

If at all possible, interface with the wireless card. If not, obviously I must at least have ethernet, because otherwise I can't access streaming video.

I have a dual processor on the parts I think I'm buying (used, from my brother), so I probably need to go with 64 bit.

So, XP Professional? XP Media Center? Vista Home Premium 64 bit? Something else?

I want what will work the best for the least money. I don't *think* I need Media Center, but then again, I don't know anything about Windows anymore with regard to features because I never run it at home.

Thank you so much for your time!
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