mrflippant (mrflippant) wrote in htpc,

Yes, it sounds like overkill. But why not?

Anyone know of an audio card that decodes a multi-channel signal (using, for example, Dolby, DTS, or THX) from a DVD, converts to analog at high resolution, and outputs the individual channels without processing them in any further way? I know a lot of cards have a digital output, but I'm looking for something that will remove the necessity for an external A/V receiver, while maintaining the flexibility of using seperate components. So basically, for a 5.1 setup I'd like to have six balanced analog outputs from the computer which then run to the EQ/Limiter, then through a 6-ch. mixer, then through active 3-way crossovers, and on to a very large rack of power amplifiers.

Also, any video cards that output through DVI and Component at true HD (1280x720p, or maybe even 1920x1080p)?

Just curious; let me know if you know of anything like this. Thanks!
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