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Serial displays

I'm in the process of custom building my own HTPC (check here for my progress so far), and am looking for a nice serial display to show useful information on.

Vacuum fluorescent displays are probably my best bet (LCD's aren't readable enough). There are plenty of suppliers to be found online, but I was wondering if anyone here has any brand they have worked with and/or recommend.
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most people i've talked to recommend the Matrix Orbital series over all others. they have a variety of displays, both LCD and VFD.

my case came with a Samsung VFD that i'm going to try out first. if it's too much trouble, i'll go with a Matrix USB display -- no weird parallel cable popping out the back!
Looks good, but I'd rather use a 40x2 display. Matrix orbital only seems to have 20x2 displays.

i think Hitachi makes a 40x2.
Noritake looks promising. The people that came up with the slimp3 did extensive research into VFD's, and they opted for Noritake.